R410A Refrigerant 25Lb. Cylinder


R410A (R-32/R125) (50/50 wt%)


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- All components in our products are pure and Lab-Certified
- Cylinder comply with DOT-39
- 1/4" SAE Valve Connection 

R-410A is a blend of R-22 and R-125 that is 60% higher pressure than R-22 for air conditioning applications and should only be used in new equipment specifically designed to handle the pressure. Systems that are designed for R410A will have smaller components to perform the same cooling job as R-22. R410A will require POE lubricants. Retrofitting R-22 equipment is not recommended under any circumstances. 

R-410A has replaced R-22 as the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems. It has a higher cooling capacity than R-22 and is significantly higher in pressure. R410A was not designed to retrofit existing R22 systems and should be used only in systems specifically designed for R-410A. It is non toxic and non flammable meeting the highest A1 Classification.

Primary use:

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning



Physical PropertiesR410A


Molecular Weight72,6

Boiling Point (1 atm, °F)-61

Critical Pressure (psia)691,8

Critical Temperature (°F)158,3

Critical Density, (Ib./ft⌃3)34,5

Liquid Density (70°F, Ib/ft⌃3)67,74

Vapor Density (bp, Ib./ft⌃3)0,261

Heat of Vaporization (bp, BTU/lb.)116,8

Specific Heat Liquid (70 °F, BTU/lb.°F)0,3948

Specific Heat Vapor (1 atm, 70 eF, BTU/lb.°F)0.1953

Ozone Depletion Potential (CFC 11=1.0)0

Global Warming Potential (CO2=1.0)2088

ASHRAE Standard 34 Safety RatingA1

Temperature Glide (°F)0,2