Falsken 9100TS Twin Tank Analyzer Water Softener - 1.25

  • 2 to 3 bathrooms
  • 9” Round, 56” Tall
  • 1” Service

Warning for California buyers: 

$3,223.40 USD

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  We are one of the few water treatment suppliers that offer both conventional water softeners and “no salt, no chemical” home conditioners, along with filtration systems and other alternative ways to treat your water. Making a decision on home water treatment can sometimes become confusing depending on who you listen to. Because we offer all options for your home water treatment, we can recommend the best solution for your specific application. Regardless of what some may lead you to believe, there are no secret proprietary processes for treating your water.
A water softener is always the best solution for hard water issues around the house. Here in Southern California, we have very hard to severely hard water. A water softener, when sized correctly and maintained, will remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. These two elements are what cause the hard water deposits, spotting, reduce the efficiency and life span of all water-using appliances around the home. Simply put, if these elements are no longer in the water, hard water issues cannot occur.
You will never see anything other than a water softener in a restaurant, hotel or any other commercial business. They know the benefits of soft water, they also know no other water treatment process or device will give them soft water.

Patented Advanced Sensor Technology

  • This patented technology calculates the true capacity and adjusts to fluctuations in the water hardness.
  • Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, two sets of sophisticated electronic sensors report on water conditions in a 9100TS. This continuous monitoring delivers two big benefits:
    Full Efficiency - the system delivers 100% of it’s conditioning capacity before it regenerates, saving both water and regenerant.
    Smooth consistency - the system never leaves home water unconditioned, and never makes homeowners wait while a conditioning cycle completes.

Say Goodbye to Harsh, Unconditioned Water

  • Unsightly stains on sinks, tubs, tile and fixtures
  • Dull Glass from Hard water etching
  • Scaly deposits that shorten the life of water heaters and water-using appliances
  • Scratchy towels and damage to fabrics
  • Weak lather and poor rinsing of soaps and detergents
  • Residue on your skin and in your hair
  • The need to use more soap, shampoo or detergent to feel clean
  • Hours spent scrubbing tubs, tile and fixtures