5/8" ODF Sweat ZFK-165S Liquid Line Filter-Drier

ZFK Series Bi-Flow liquid line filter drier, using high quality compression of small spherical particles sintered desiccant module, combined with high density filter mesh. Each end of the installation of a non-reflux valve can revers impurities, to th erole of drying filter, that can effectively filter residual water and debris in the system. Filtration: 20 microns. Maximum working pressure: 4.7Mpa/680Psig, with the UL and CE certification.

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ModelConnectionLiquid Flow Capacity (TON)A (IN)B (IN)D (IN)E (IN)F (IN)
ZFK-165S5/88.7 8.7 8.5 6.004.820.594.43 3.00