Braeburn Static Pressure Control Kit Model 149020


Braeburn Static Pressure Controls are designed to control HVAC system bypass dampers. This complete kit comes with a deluxe plated control, relay, pressure pickup, and a length of tubing. Installs with round and rectangular PO/PC dampers to economically control system bypass pressure.

Warranty: 1 Years

$81.25 USD

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Product Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • Supplied with end of cycle relay to maintain open bypass when no fan calls occur.
  • Field adjustable to match bypass to all calling zone combinations
  • Integrated mounting brackets and sense tubing fittings allow for easy installation



Mounting:Mount vertically on low vibration surface
with inlet tubes pointing sideways or down

Set Point Range:0.05 to 2.0 inches w.c

Operating Temperature:40˚ F to 180˚ F

Rating Contacts:300 VA at 115 to 277 VAC SPDT