Daikin 12,000 BTU 17.0 SEER Ductless Heat Pump 17-Series Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System


Rated Capacity: 11,000 BTU Cooling, 11,300 BTU Heating.
Product Includes
(1) Daikin - 12,000 BTU - 17 Series Outdoor Condenser - Single Zone Only (RXB12AXVJU)
(1) Daikin 17 Series 12,000 BTU Wall Mounted Unit - For Single Zone (FTXB12AXVJU)


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The XB12AXVJU is a wall mounted system perfect for all your single zone heating and cooling needs. This system pairs a Daikin wall mounted indoor unit with an outdoor heat pump unit to provide warm and cool air quietly and efficiently to any single zone or room in your home. Daikin indoor and outdoor units are designed with powerful energy saving features, allowing these systems to provide you with cost-efficient home comfort.

Whisper Quiet Operation

  • Daikin ductless units are engineered from the ground up for impressively quiet operation. The solid construction works together with quiet motor operation to make the units as unobtrusive as possible to its surrounding environment.

Inverter Technology

  • Daikin's inverter technology works together with the expansion valve to adjust coolant flow and compressor speed to match indoor conditions. This results in less dramatic temperature swings and a more comfortable home.

Built-In Advanced Filtration System

  • Daikin mini splits do more for your home's comfort level than control its temperature. A titanium apatite photocatalytic filtration system is installed in the indoor unit, allowing the mini split to purify your home's air as well as heating or cooling it.

Included Wireless Control

  • The included wireless control allows you to control the temperature of your room while never leaving the comfort of your favorite recliner.

Low Ambient Capable

  • Daikin condensers can continue to provide cooling even in low temperature climates. This unit can continue to cool down to an outside temperature of 50°F and heat down to an outside temperature of 5° F.

Product Note

All Mini Split Systems require one Primary Mini Split Installation Kit. You may also require one or more Secondary Installation Kits if you have a Multi-Zone system. You will need a Secondary Installation Kit for each additional indoor unit.



General Information
TypeWall Mounted
Product Line17-Series
Operating ModeHeating and Cooling
Number of Zones1
Refrigerant TypeR-410A
Indoor Unit Size(s)12
DOE Regional ComplianceNationwide
Line Set Size1/4" x 3/8"

Cooling BTU12000
Cooling Capacity11000 BTU
Heating Capacity11300
Cooling Power Input750 Watts
Heating Power Input950 Watts
Low Ambient HeatingNo
Minimum Outdoor Temperature for Heating5 F
Minimum Outdoor Temperature for Cooling50 F

Product Weight73 Pounds
Shipping Weight81 Pounds

ETL ListedYes
AHRI CertifiedYes
ISO CertifiedYes
AHRI Reference Number10574119