Goodman 2.5 Ton 14.5 SEER Heat Pump Split System (Heat/Cool)


Product Includes 2 items:
(1) Goodman 2.5 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser (GSZ140301)
(1) Goodman 3 Ton Air Conditioner Air Handler with Smart Frame Cabinet (ASPT39C14)


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The Goodman GSZ14 GSZ140301 up to 15 SEER Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser is considered as the art of precision

  • Quiet Condenser Fan Motor - High-efficiency, single-speed motor with special three blade fan design provides dependable, quiet airflow across condensing coil.
  • Efficient Cooling Capacity - Refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coil configuration deliver outstanding heat transfer properties with R-410A refrigerant.
  • Quiet Operation - An acoustically engineered top on the unit helps reduce noise levels compared to units without sound control enhancements.
  • Factory-Installed Bi-flow Liquid Line Filter Drier - Protects the refrigerant system from dirt and moisture for longer service life compared to units without filter driers.
  • Factory-Installed Heater Band and Suction Line Accumulator - Ensures refrigerant is ready even in extreme external temperatures for smooth and energy-efficient performance.

Goodman ASPT ASPT39C14 Multi speed, Multi position Air Handler Electric Furnace with ECM Motor are considered as the art of precision

  • All-Aluminum Evaporator Coil - Designed for efficient heat transfer and durable performance and resists potential corrosion.
  • Field-Installed Heat Strips - From 3-20 kW* for emergency heating, if ever needed. (*Only select Goodman Modular blowers can use the Goodman 15-20kW Heat Strips)
  • Smartframe Substructure - Intelligent structural design both improves the Goodman brand air handler's lateral strength and affords a sturdy mounting framework for internal components. It also secures the foil-faced insulation covering the entire blower casing that can reduce operating noise. All of which helps to increase durability and reliability of unit.



General Information
Operating ModeHeating and Cooling

Capacity2.5 Tons
Cooling Capacity27800 BTU
Nominal Cooling Capacity30000 BTU
Maximum Air Flow1000 CFM

Product Weight274 Pounds
Shipping Weight290 Pounds

ETL ListedYes
AHRI CertifiedYes
AHRI Reference Number201817145
Country of originUnited States