Goodman 4 Ton Cooling; 100,000 BTU - Heating Gas/Electric Package Unit; 16 SEER; 81% AFUE


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The GPG16 is a packaged gas/electric central air system. It combines a gas-fired furnace, air conditioning condenser, evaporator coil, and blower into a single unit. The GPG1648100M41's heat exchanger and coil feature Goodman's superior designs that ensure efficient operations whether your home needs heating or cooling. Replacing your split system with a GPG16 package is a breeze. This unit is equipped for either downflow or horizontal airflow and it features access panels to expedite installation. Сomply with California Low NOx emission standards.

Aluminized-Steel Heat Exchanger

The GPG16's furnace employs a reliable dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger design. Aluminized-steel is used for incredibly efficient heat transfer, and a wrinkle-bend is applied to the tubes to enhance the heat exchanger's dependability and longevity.

High-Efficiency Coils

The condenser coil of this packaged unit is designed with aluminum fins and rifled copper tubing to maximize surface area and efficiency. It also features a durable all-aluminum evaporator coil that optimizes heat transfer

Second Stage

This unit features a two-stage gas valve to ensure consistent, efficient heating. When the heating demand in your home is low, the furnace will consume less fuel. If more heat is needed, it can just step up to the second stage.

Secure Design

The cabinet of the GPG1648100M41 is built to last. A galvanized steel casing and UV-resistant powder paint prevent fading and corrosion. Louvered panels and a coil guard are employed to keep the most important components secure.

Filter Drier

A filter drier is installed in the liquid line of this packaged unit's air conditioner. The filter drier removes moisture and traps impurities, preventing corrosion, freezing, and blockages that can negatively impact the operation of the condenser.

Quiet Comfort

A sound insulated blower compartment means that the GPG1648100M41 provides year-round comfort without disrupting your home.

Scroll Compressor

This unit utilizes a high-efficiency scroll compressor with an internal relief valve to provide refrigerant flow. Scroll compressors are renowned for operating more smoothly and reliably than traditional compressors.

ECM Blower

PSC blower motors are energy hogs. The ECM motor in the GPG1648100M41 consumes less electricity, ensuring energy-efficient circulation.

Extended Warranty

Goodman offers a 10-year limited parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation. An unregistered product has the standard 5-year warranty. 


General Information
TypeGas/Electric Packaged Unit
Product LineGPG16
Operating ModeHeating and Cooling
Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Modulating/StagingTwo Stage
Refrigerant TypeR-410A
Blower MotorMulti-Speed
Motor TypeECM
Installation LocationOutdoor
Gas Conversion KitAvailable
Compressor StagesTwo
DOE Regional ComplianceNationwide
Installation AvailableYes


AFUE 81 %
Capacity 4.0 Tons
Cooling Capacity46000BTU
Heating Capacity100000 BTU
Maximum Air Flow2002 CFM
Minimum Air Flow1130 CFM
Maximum Sound Level 78 dB


ETL ListedYes
AHRI CertifiedYes
ISO CertifiedYes
AHRI Reference Number

Product Height35 Inches
Product Width66 Inches
Product Depth34 Inches
Product Weight400 Pounds
Shipping Weight410 Pounds