Goodman 5 Ton Cooling 14 SEER; 80k BTU Heating; 80% AFUE Gas Electric Air Conditioner System


Product Includes 4 items:
(1) Goodman 80% AFUE 80,000 BTU 2 Stage Upflow/Horizontal Variable Speed Gas Furnace (GMVC80804CN);
(1) Goodman 5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner Condenser with R410A Refrigerant (GSX140601); 
(1) Goodman 4 to 5 Ton 21 in. Wide Air Conditioner Evaporator Cased Coil (CAPF4961C6)
(1) Goodman 3.5 to 5 Ton Air Conditioner TXV Kit R410A Refrigerant (TX5N4)


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  Goodman GMVC80804CN Gas Furnace Heater

Goodman's GMVC80 furnaces feature high-quality construction and efficient operation at a great value. The GMVC80 is equipped with an advanced variable-speed blower motor, which scales circulation to the specific demands of your application in real-time. The GMVC80 was designed with multiple options for the unit's gas, electric, and venting connections and orientation, ensuring a painless and quick installation. It even features a self-diagnosing control board that makes maintenance a breeze. If you're looking for consistent comfort and incredible efficiency from a two-stage furnace, it's tough to beat Goodman's GMVC80.

Product Features

  • Low continuous fan speed
  • Color-coded low-voltage terminals
  • Self-diagnostic control board
  • Quiet two-speed induced draft blower
  • Durable Silicon Nitride igniter
  • Two-stage gas valve provides quiet, economical heating
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Heavy-duty, aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Energy-efficient, multi-speed ECM blower motor

  Goodman GSX140601 Air Conditioner Condenser
You can count on The Goodman GSX140601 Air Conditioner Condenser to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days. The high efficiency compressor operates in tandem with a high-efficiency coil, cooling your home effectively. And if that's not enough, Goodman goes one step farther: they install a liquid-line filter dryer in every air conditioner we build. The filter dryer prevents moisture and debris from entering the compressor motor and expansion device, thus helping to extend the life of the system. Many manufacturers leave this step out, but Goodman install filter dryers in all of our air conditioners. Please note that this product is regulated by DOE Efficiency Standards.

The Goodman CAPF4961C6 Air Conditioner Evaporator Cased Coil
The CAPF4961C6 is a cased A coil for use in upflow or downflow applications. The all-aluminum construction and advanced design of this coil improve its durability and heat transfer efficiency. Whether you're replacing a failing coil or installing a new system, you can choose the CAPF with confidence. Goodman pressure tests each coil twice before it leaves the factory and backs them with an excellent warranty.

All-Aluminum Coil
Goodman's evaporator coils use a reliable all-aluminum design featuring sine fins and grooved tubes. This design maximizes surface area and optimizes heat transfer for efficient comfort.

Secure Cabinet
A galvanized, embossed, and insulated cabinet protects this coil and prevents air leakage, providing superior longevity and efficiency.

Condensate Management
The CAPF features foil-faced insulation to inhibit the formation of condensate and a rust-resistant thermoplastic drain pan to capture what does form, keeping your system safe and operationa

Multi-Refrigerant Compatibility
R-22 refrigerant is no longer in production, but many older systems still use it. The CAPF is compatible with both R-22 and its replacement, R-410A. This makes it the perfect fit for any homeowner.

Extended Warranty
Goodman offers a 10-year limited parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation. An unregistered product has the standard 5-year warranty. See warranty sheet under the "Manuals" tab for more information.


General Information
Operating Mode Heating and Cooling
Modulating/Staging Two Stage
Blower MotorECM Variable-Speed
Coil Width21 Inches
DOE Regional ComplianceNationwide
AFUE80 %
Capacity5.0 Tons
Cooling Capacity57000 BTU
Nominal Cooling Capacity
60000 BTU
Heating BTU80000
Maximum Air Flow1545 CFM
Product Weight452 Pounds
Shipping Weight475 Pounds
AHRI CertifiedYes
ETL ListedYes
AHRI Reference Number201268281


  Goodman GSX140601 Air Conditioner Condenser
Nominal Cooling (BTU/h)60,000
SEER / EER14/11.7
Condenser Fan Motor


Goodman TX5N4 Air Conditioner TXV Kit
General Information
TypeTXV Kit
Product LineTX
Refrigerant TypeR-410A

Product Weight1 Pound
Shipping Weight2 Pounds
Goodman GMVC80804CN Gas Furnace Heater
General Information
TypeGas Furnace
Product LineGMVC80
Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Vent TypeChimney Vent
Modulating/Staging Two Stage
Blower MotorECM Variable-Speed
Gas Conversion KitAvailable
Installation AvailableYes
AFUE 80 %
Heating BTU80000
High Fire Input80000 BTU
High Fire Output64000 BTU
Low Fire Input56000 BTU
Low Fire Output44800 BTU
Maximum Air Flow1600 CFM
Ultra Low NOx EmissionsNo
Low NOx EmissionsNo


Goodman CAPF4961C6 Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil
General Information
TypeEvaporator Coil
Product LineCAPF
Refrigerant TypeR-410A
Style A Coil
Installation AvailableYes
Capacity4 - 5 Tons
Cooling BTU60000
Nominal Minimum Cooling Capacity48000 BTU