Braeburn 2-Zone Expander Panel Model 140424

Warranty: 5 Year

$101.15 USD

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Product Features:

  • Compact 8” x 5” foot print stacks neatly with main panel
  • Add up to 28 additional zones (32 total)
  • Can be used with virtually all low-voltage thermostats and dampers from other manufacturersPush-in terminals for easy wiring - no screw driver needed
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • LED’s show all calls and damper status at a glance
  • Installs up to 500 ft. from main panel 

       Warranty: 5 Year



Panel Power:3 VA maximum for panel

System Power:75 VA maximum, 50 VA maximum per zone

Protection:Electronic self resetting, current limiting
 on each zone

Zone Damper Control:Compatible with virtually all 24 VAC powered and spring dampers limiting per zone

Indicators:LED’s for all thermostats and dampers

Switches:4 position address switch

Thermostats:Conventional or heat pump

Terminals:Panel Power: 24V, 24C
Thermostats (2 each): R, Y1, Y2, W1/E/AX1, W2/AX2,
O/B/W3, G, L, C
Dampers: (2 each): PO, C, PC
Communication (2 each): COM1, COM2, GND, COM3, COM4 

  Power24 VAC
  IndicatorsLED Indicators for thermostats, equipment and dampers
  ThermostatConventional or heat pump up to 4H / 2C
  ConstructionPC Board in High Impact Housing
  MountingWall or Return Air Plenum
  EnvironmentalStorage - 40˚ F to 167˚ F (-40˚ to 75˚ C) Operating - 22˚ F to 167˚ F (-30˚ F to 75˚ C)