Braeburn 3-Zone Control Panel Model 140303 (3 Heat/2 Cool)


Braeburn Zone Control Panels feature the latest in zone controls. Equipment and status are determined at a glance with the monitoring LEDs built into the panel. A supply air temperature sensor is included with each panel to provide constant control. Quick and Easy Installation.

Warranty: 5 Years

$133.65 USD

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Braeburn zone panels are designed with the features customers demand: easy installation, at-a-glance status, quick and reliable wiring terminals - all in an attractive compact panel.


  • Sleek, low profile design complements any system
  • Suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • Can be used with conventional four or five wire thermostats
  • LEDs indicate panel functionality
  • Quick connect terminals speed installation and reliability
  • Compatible with electric, gas, oil and heat pump equipment
  • Controls 3 heating and 2 cooling stages
  • Controls 2 or 3 zones
  • Emergency heat switch with remote terminals for total heat pump control
  • Fan purge into last calling zone for improved energy efficiency.

Warranty: 5 years



Panel Power:4 VA maximum (3.5 VA typical) for panel

System Power:4 VA (Zone Panel) + 1.0 VA per thermostat +
 damper requirements, not to exceed 35 VA

Protection:Electronic self resetting, current limiting

Equipment:Relay driven 2A at 24 VAC

Zone Damper Control:Compatible with power open/power close, spring open/power close and spring close/power open dampers

Indicators(28):Power OK, status, equipment Rh, Rc, Y1, Y2, G, G2, W1/E/W3, W2/O-B; emergency heat,
thermostats 3X R, Y, G, W, dampers; closed or open

Switches:Non HP/HP, dual fuel no/yes, reversing valve B active/O active, fan control plenum/system, opposite mode call timer 20/15, 2nd stage lockout none/active, priority all/zone 1, second stage for 2 zones/2 stages.

Settings:Large display for high temperature and low temperature cut-out, purge status, supply temperature

Terminals:Rh, Rc, Y1, Y2, G, G2, W1/E/W3, W2/O-B, C,
E-Heat, SA1, SA2 panel power (2) and R, Y, G, W, C, PO, C, PC for each zone


Power: 24 VAC

Sensor: Supply Air

Indicators: 1 LED Display, 29 LED Indicators

Construction: PC Board in High Impact Housing

Mounting: Wall or Return Air Plenum Mount

Environmental: Storage - 40˚ F to 150˚ F (-40˚ to 65˚ C)
Operating - 20˚ F to 125˚ F (-30˚ to 50˚ C)