R407C Refrigerant 25lb. Cylinder


R407C (R-32/R-125/R134a) (23/25/52 wt%) 


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- All components in our products are pure and Lab-Certified
- Cylinder comply with DOT-39
- 1/4" SAE Valve Connection 

A blend of R-32, R-125, and R-134a that has very similar properties to R-22 in air conditioning equipment. R-407C has the closest property match to R-22 in an air conditioning retrofit project compared to other blends on the market. It can also be used in medium temp R-22 refrigeration systems. R-407C has a 10F temperature glide. New systems built with R-407C must have POE lubricants, and retrofitted R-22 systems would need the residual oil flushed with POE. Must be knowledgeable in HVAC equipment refrigeration conversion to R-22 alternative refrigerant products.



Physical PropertiesR407C


Molecular Weight86.2

Boiling Point (1 atm, °F)-43.6

Critical Pressure (psia)672.1

Critical Temperature (°F)187

Critical Density, (lb./ft^ 3)32

Liquid Density (70 °F, lb/ft^3)72.4

Vapor Density (bp, lb./ft^3)0.289

Heat of Vaporization (bp, BTU/lb.)106.7

Specific Heat Liquid (70 °F, BTU/lb.°F0.3597

Specific Heat Vapor (1 atm, 70 °F, BTU/lb. °F)0.1987

Ozone Depletion Potential (CFC 11=1.0) 0

Global Warming Potential (CO2=1.0) 1770

ASHRAE Standard 34 Safety RatingA1

Temperature Glide (°F)10